Longway Studios

Anuj Pandey

Anuj, the visionary behind Longway, is a Co-founder and director. He believes that brilliant ideas strike right after a 20 minute nap. Despite his affinity for napping, Anuj is someone who sincerely pours his heart and soul into every project he undertakes.

Over the course of his extensive 9-year career as a filmmaker, he has had the privilege of directing a diverse range of commercials and campaign films for renowned brands such as Realme,Himalaya, Dainik Bhaskar,Cipla, ADF Soul,Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Zionverse and many more.Anuj continues to prove his own nap theory right by consistently excelling at what he does best i.e ‘’tell stories’’.

Ashay Vyas

Apart from his role as a co-founder and director, Ashay has wholeheartedly dedicated his blood, sweat, and tears to this craft..Well quite literally.

Ashay's distinct style is characterised by his meticulous attention to straight lines within frames. He draws his creative inspiration from the moods of acclaimed directors Wes Anderson and David Fincher.

Sourav Yadav

Our co-founder Sourav , can be described as a lover of good stories , beautiful visuals and lights.Having started his filmmaking and advertising journey in 2016 ,Sourav and his experiments with lights have not only made him an excellent DOP but also a DOPe colour grader.

Having worked with the highly regarded Mr. Nicola Gasparri and Mr Chandrashekhar Prajapati at the start of his career , he further went on to work on projects for Netflix, Discovery,TVF Realme,PGI,Mahindra, TVF and many more.He had the opportunity to showcase his skills in projects that were adored by all audiences alike , such as "Little Things," "Yeh Meri Family," and so on..His creative collaboration with esteemed names like Salman Khan ,Richa Chaddha and Ali Fazal speaks volumes about what he brings to the table.


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